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PAX-it Imaging Solutions PAX-it Imaging Solutions PAX-it Imaging Solutions

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Registration Notes:

  • If you are requesting a registration or re-registration, please supply your serial number and configuration number. Your serial number can be found on the jacket of your PAX-it! install CD or inside PAX-it!, go to the menu Options->Software License. The configuration number will be shown on a dialog when you run PAX-it! for the first time. If you are re-registering to add new modules to your PAX-it! software, please run PAX-it! and then go to the menu Option->Software License. A new configuration number will be presented: please send us that configuration number.

  • Configuration and registration numbers have a valid life of 48 hours. When you generate a configuration number for registration, you must enter the registration number we provide you within 48 hours, or the registration process will fail. If it fails, simply re-run PAX-it! to generate a new configuration number and send that configuration number to us (along with your serial number). We will be happy to register your copy of PAX-it!

PAX-it Image Database Software
PAX-it Image Database Software
Learn more about the PAXcam Digital Microscope Camera and the PAXcam Telepathology module
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