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PAX-it Imaging Solutions PAX-it Imaging Solutions PAX-it Imaging Solutions
Image Database Software
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Image Database Software

Image Database Software

Custom Programming

The Pampered Chef

The MIS team also develops custom software. We have successfully managed and produced software development projects for firms such as:

The Pampered Chef

Complete custom program designed to input and balance orders and transmit them to the home office. Software is distributed to nearly 100,000 users.

Caring Medical
Created custom patient management system. The application is crucial for the success of the client. The application tracks appointments, schedules and patients. It allows users to track treatments and invoices. Reports important statistical information on hundreds of thousands of records in the SQL database. Application is user friendly and requires almost no training for customer to use. Image Database Software

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Consultation in the design of an imaging workstation for tele-dermatology applications. Includes software for the acquisition of high resolution images, custom workflow for importing images, displaying and navigating through cases, and entering diagnoses through online data forms. Comparison of multiple reader data for consensus and the resolution of differences. Design of custom routine for transfer of final data via FTP to another location for analysis.

BlueBob Healthcare Cost Management Software

Unfortunately, most hospitals and healthcare providers do not have detailed, procedure-level cost data that enables them to make sound and informed financial decisions and to provide consumers with accurate information. All too often, hospitals "guesstimate" their pricing by using benchmark comparisons with presumably similar hospitals. Meaningful comparability is anything but certain in the databases provided by state hospital associations, other professional groups or agencies. The BlueBob Healthcare Cost Management Software is the solution to this problem.

Development Languages Include

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Image Database Software
Image Database Software Image Database Software Image Database Software
PAX-it Image Database Software
PAX-it Image Database Software
Learn more about the PAXcam Digital Microscope Camera and the PAXcam Telepathology module
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