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PAX-it Imaging Solutions PAX-it Imaging Solutions PAX-it Imaging Solutions
Image Database Software

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Image Database Software

Image Database Software




PAX-it was designed as a communications tool from the start. After all, the most common reason to capture an image is to show it to someone else in order to communicate a process, an event, or an idea. Specific tools have been included in the software to make PAX-it an easy and effective means of sharing images and information with others, including annotation tools, report generation, networking, and web-based image sharing.

Tools for Adding Information to Your Images:

Besides the comprehensive image database software for archiving files with pertinent tags, PAX-it allows other ways to add information to your images for communicating with others:

Image Database Software
  • Annotate images with circles, boxes, drawings, arrows, and text to point out particular features
  • Use the notepad for free flowing textual information…a sentence, a paragraph, or pages of textual notes that may be accessed whenever an image is viewed. The notepad text is searchable across images, as an aid in retrieving related items.
  • Use the voice recorder to attach spoken notes to an image, playable when an individual image is viewed or during a slide show presentation.
Image Database Software
  • Place images side by side for comparison of normal vs. defective, low mag vs high mag, points in a time course study…plates are easily constructed with up to 16 images placed side by side.
Image Database Software
  • Use PAX-it's easy cut & paste features to combine regions of different images into a new image.

Tools for Compiling Images Into Written and Oral Reports

PAX-it Report Generation

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel

PAX-it's report generation features give you flexibility in designing reports that use your images, image data, image notes, and image measurements. Quick MS™ Word, Excel and PowerPoint reports and presentations can be printed from the main toolbar, and custom templates can be used from within the folders, allowing multiple images per page. Your reports and presentations automatically assemble with just a few clicks, and may be saved in your PAX-it folders along with other project-related files!

One of the most popular features in PAX-it is the easy way reports are generated combining images, image analysis software data, image measurement software data, image database software data and annotations. All with a few simple clicks! Email us now for a LIVE DEMO of these features!

PAX-it Slide Show


Image Database Software Slideshow
Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Use the PAX-it Presenter slide show feature to display your images in sequential order
  • Timer controlled or manual controlled slide shows
  • Variety of fades & wipes as effects between slides
  • View digital video clips within your shows
  • Play voiceover recordings on your images
  • Link to MS-PowerPoint directly from PAX-it, as another presentation option
  • MS-PowerPoint presentations may be archived in your PAX-it database along with other project-related materia

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Tools for Sharing Images with Others:


Micrsoft Outlook Express
Microsoft Outlook

Link your PAX-it collection directly to MS-Outlook Outlook Express, or other email account, allowing images and documents to be sent directly from your PAX-it folders. No need to copy & paste or export images out to another application! Just choose the images to send, and click on the email button on the folder toolbar. Images are sent as standard attachments, allowing them to be viewed without special software on the receiving end. In addition, if the receiver is a PAX-it user, items received in the PAX-it InBox are immediately viewable within the receiver's PAX-it folder structure.

Summary of Communications Features in
PAX-it Base Module
Summary of Communication

PAX-it is fully networkable, allowing an image collection to reside on your server to be shared throughout your department or company. Many of our customers dedicate a 'capture station' in the lab, with the appropriate hardware for acquiring images into a shared area on the server. Then, by utilizing our site licensing option, they are able to free up the lab computer going elsewhere to work within PAX-it to generate reports, analyze images, etc. Reports that are generated and presentations that are constructed are also accessible in this way. Areas of the collection may be password protected to prevent their alteration by unauthorized users.

Image Database Software

PAXnet is an optional communications module for PAX-it. It allows you to easily share your existing database of images, reports, presentations, and data with anyone who connects to your web site. PAXnet runs on your webserver to post your PAX-it collection for others on your corporate intranet or over the internet, greatly simplifying the communications process. All your colleague needs is a browser and access to your secured site, and they may browse, search, display and download images, reports, etc. from your collection.

Image Database Software

PAX-it RealTime Videoconferencing
The PAX-it Realtime Videoconferencing tools are offered as an optional add-on module to the base PAX-it capture unit. PAX-it RT is a telemicroscopy solution that sends a live video view from your microscope's camera while connected in a face-to-face videoconference with another site. High resolution still shots can be sent anywhere in the world in as little as 10 seconds, and whiteboarding on the images is supported.

Image Database Software Video Conferencing


Image Database Software
Image Database Software Image Database Software Image Database Software
PAX-it Image Database Software
PAX-it Image Database Software
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