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PAX-it Imaging Solutions

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PAX-it Imaging Solutions PAX-it Imaging Solutions PAX-it Imaging Solutions
Image Database Software
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Image Database Software



Image Database Software

Image Database Software
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The Complete PAXnet Brochure

PAXnet is an optional module for PAX-it. It allows you to share your existing database of images, reports, presentations, and data with everyone who connects to your web site. They don't need expensive software, just a web browser to view your collection! No need to learn HTML, Java Script, or even an off-the-shelf web design application. Just grab an image with PAX-it and save it into your cabinets and folders. Fill in the database information for the image and it is available instantly for viewing, discussing, downloading, and more…from anywhere in the world! Use your web server security protocols for restricting access to sensitive areas of your collection, plus the password security locks on cabinets and folders within the PAXnet software.

Features Include:

Global viewing of PAX-it databases through LAN, WAN, and Internet connections
Familiar PAX-it file drawer & folder interface for easy organization of posted images
Platform independent access (Mac, PC, and Unix) for viewing image database
PAXnet database is searchable through any current Web browser
Full relational searches are supported on any database field or multiple fields
Images displayed as thumbnails or full size, with or without database information and notes
Images may be viewed in an on-line slide show
Images, image database information, image notes, and reports with images may all be posted and accessed through the search engine
Interactive notepad associated with each image, for discussion among interested parties
Downloading and printing of images is supported
Other file types (reports, presentations, spreadsheets, video clips, raw data, etc) may be posted for viewing and downloading also
Security is set up through your server, using your already defined ID's and passwords. In addition, PAXnet may be configured with password assignments, to limit access to particular sections of the collection
Customizable interface allows PAXnet pages to be personalized with your wallpaper, logos, links, etc.
Image Database Software
Image Database Software Image Database Software Image Database Software
PAX-it Image Database Software
PAX-it Image Database Software
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