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PAX-it Imaging Solutions PAX-it Imaging Solutions PAX-it Imaging Solutions
Image Database Software
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Image Database Software

Image Database Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does PAXnet work?

PAXnet is a piece of software that runs on your webserver to make PAX-it information available for browsing on the web. The PAXnet software queries the PAX-it database that is set up on your fileserver, and displays it on the website. When changes are made to the PAX-it database, for example by saving or deleting images or annotating image notepads, those changes are automatically updated in PAXnet as well.

Who uses PAXnet?

Anyone with an interest in sharing digital information with others can benefit from PAXnet. Common applications are sharing images and reports over a corporate intranet, sharing lab results to clients over the internet, and consulting with others for 'second opinions' by posting images with questions on the interactive messageboard.

My PAX-it system is on a Windows based PC. Does that restrict PAXnet access to a particular platform?

No. PAXnet is platform independent, and may be accessed with full functionality from any platform that will run a current browser.

Does PAXnet require additional MIS software at the remote site?

No, just a net browser like Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc. Once PAXnet is installed on your webserver, the data is available to anyone who has access to the site. This means they will need a connection to your site, a browser, and the ability to pass your security measures in order to gain access.

How secure can I make the information, so that people only have access to areas they have a right to see?

All of your webserver's security protocols are active while PAXnet is running. Your webmaster or system's administrator can assign login passwords to be required in order to even access the site. In addition, within PAXnet there are locks that can be placed on cabinet drawers and folders within those drawers, requiring passwords for access. In this way, an entire database can be posted on the website, while sectioning off specific areas for certain clients.

Does PAXnet run over a modem, or is it limited to high speed connections?

PAXnet will run at speeds from a 56K phone modem connection, DSL modem, ISDN or T1 connection....any method of connection. Performance will vary depending on the capability of your communications line to transmit data, so in general the larger the file sizes you will be posting, the faster the connection should be in order to avoid delays when displaying or downloading.

Do I need to be web-savvy or have any web programming skills to post information on my website through PAXnet?

No, all you need to do is to operate within the familiar PAXit interface. Just save images or reports into the PAXit database that PAXnet is using, and they are available on-line through PAXnet! The initial setup of PAXnet on your server will be done by your webmaster.

Since PAXnet is running as a website, can I link to it from other sites, or allow a direct link to other sites?

Yes. The PAXnet site will have a URL that can be called when jumping to it from another page or site. In addition, we provide the ability to put your own links on the PAXnet main page, so that you may give your users a quick means to get to other related sites.

What other custom items may I add to the PAXnet workspace?

The background wallpaper for PAXnet can be changed to fit your company's motif, and your company's logo may be placed on PAXnet pages.

Will PAXnet allow me to place reports or data for others to view online, or just images?

The same files that are stored in your PAX-it database are available online through PAXnet. This means that image files, video clips, reports, presentations, spreadsheets-any file type that you have configured PAX-it to handle-- will be available in PAXnet.

Can my reports be read online, or will a user need to download the document for viewing?

Image files will be able to be viewed through your browser. Other file types are not opened within PAXnet, and so will be viewable depending on your browser's capabilities and settings. For example, using MS-Internet Explorer, an MS-Word document can be opened and read while on-line. In addition, the document could be downloaded and saved to your local drive to be read at a later time.

My filing structure is easy enough to follow, but there may be occasions when I forget which folder I used to store a file, or I may want to access a group of files that are related but stored in different folders. Is there a way to search for items other than just browsing through cabinets and folders?

Yes. Just as in PAX-it, the organizational filing structure of cabinets/drawers/folders is an easy way to keep things organized and grouped. But behind this structure is the database that every file resides in. PAXnet allows database searches to be done on any field (or multiple fields) with a variety of relational terms. In this way a particular image, or all files that relate to a particular topic, may be easily pulled from the entire collection.

PAXnet sounds great for accessing stored data from remote sites. But what about adding new files to the database from a remote site?

PAXnet can be configured to support uploads of images, reports, and other file types directly into the PAX-it database that PAXnet is displaying online. Your PAXnet administrator assigns passwords for this feature to authorized personnel.

My corporate website could never be used for my lab. Is there a way a small group or business can set up a PAXnet website?

Contact MIS for details on having us host your PAXnet site. The site will be set up and administered by MIS on our webserver, for a setup charge and monthly fee. Files to be added to the PAXnet archive can be sent from your remote location through our upload routine

The PAXnet messageboard is great for posting messages for viewing by a general audience. Is there a way to privately send a message to the author, rather than a general post?

Yes, if the author of the original message supplies his email address, those who read his message have the option to either reply directly to that private email account or post a general response accessible on PAXnet.Where can I get more information?
Visit our online demo of PAXnet to see the general layout and the effectiveness in having images and documents available for viewing and downloading. You may also contact our sales department with specific questions regarding your PAXnet application.

Image Database Software
Image Database Software Image Database Software Image Database Software
PAX-it Image Database Software
PAX-it Image Database Software
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